To exit the city, simply walk away with the arrow keys.

You own:
0 gold coins
0 bombs

Pirate King [alpha]

PLAY Please wait. Generating an island and its mythology...

Use the arrow keys to move.

The arrow on top points to the inhabited village.

This pacific island lies at
X / Y

Rapa Nui souls will appear at one or more temples in 10 seconds.

Your crew will fight best if they attack the enemy head on.

Dead enemies drop obolus coins. Walk over the coins to collect them.

Search buildings for shelter. At some places you can hire new pirates and more.


Bombs are throw. The longer you press the spacebar, the further you throw.


Tell your crew to stand guard. Press again to call them back to you.

Built by Simon Oberhammer using the GameJs library and lots of art love from OpenGameArt.

Victory Defeat

Play again on new map

You survived   waves in   minutes.

Enemies killed
Coins collected
Pirates lost
Pirates hired